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Oct 13, 2020 0 comments

A lot of things happened in 2020. Packing up from Bangalore; leasing out home; a proper full time move to Cape Town; registration for doctoral studies; little bit settling into new house; and then the lockdown. And, that was January and February. 

It is now October. Eight months of getting to understand South Africa better. Though we have been in and out of Cape Town from 2018, home was still Bangalore. This 'new normal' for us has been interesting, for lack of a better word. This blog has been in the pipeline for a while now: the original intent was to begin with the journey out of Bangalore, but that obviously did not happen. The modified intent was to begin documenting the lockdown. Did not happen. Even that little notebook that we started was used for a total of three pages - that too A6. Expectations then changed to keep notes on the process of the PhD - nope, did not happen (and will not happen given initial experiences of bureaucracy and rigidities associated with attempting an inter-disciplinary study). 

The current attempt, one hopes, will flourish. The intent now is to document 'life' under three or four categories of write-ups. First, ideation for research and/or just pushing out research-able ideas; second, on carpentry, which will mostly be on designing and drafting joinery - the grand idea is to set up a database of joineries, along with some simple maths to show what works where; third, on quizzing - questions, facts, lengthy (hopefully solid) connections, and so on; and finally, fourth, on cooking and (chemistry) experiments in the kitchen. There will be a fair amount of math, hopefully lots of drawings and sketches, some photographs, and very little tripe.

Realistically, the first post or couple of posts should be posted over the next few days; over time, the plan is stabilise output to one write-up every week. 

Upwards, and onwards, then. Hup hup. 

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