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Oct 13, 2020 0 comments

Hello dear visitor, this is a bit about me.

As a quantitative economist by training, I specialise in spatial, urban and information economics, and maintain a latent interest in information design, cricket, and development finance. At the moment, I am pursuing a PhD in Economics from the University of Cape Town, where I am developing models of intra-city spatial inequality, focussing on cities of the global south. I am open to, and do take on, independent consulting projects in economic analysis, data analytics (preferably spatial data), information design, cartography, and data architecture. A more or less recent version of my CV can be downloaded here. For work related inquiries, please email me at arindam[at]xflr6[dot]com. My (infrequent) social media outputs can be found @_arindamjana on both Twitter and Instagram. 

I am also trained as a carpenter, though I do not get to work as much as I would like to on this front. I will, however, try to post on what fascinates me in carpentry (e.g., the math of joineries). A very specific hobby of mine is quizzing, and over the years, I have been hosting something I've been calling Quinks (quiz + drinks) - do get in touch if you are interested in engaging me on these as well. I also cook a fair bit, and like to experiment a fair bit in the kitchen. Primarily deconstructing some cooking processes, and replicating them with sparse tools/gadgets - I will be posting some of these experiments as this space progresses, but no, I am not open to work on this front.

In case it intrigues you, dear visitor, the name of the site, i.e., X-FLR-6, is a homage to the model rocket that Cuthbert sent to the moon but had to destroy before it could make it back to earth. Perhaps it is an analogy of great ideas that need to be destroyed. Or perhaps of ideas that need to be destroyed only to be rebuilt into greater ideas. The jury is still out.  

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